We are a breath of fresh air

Clarity - The Business People are an HR Consultancy offering pragmatic and practical HR advice, support and interventions for Start Up's and established SME's.

We partner with our clients, understanding their needs and providing timely support and advice to ensure they get the very best out of their workforce. Contact us to learn more.


Our Talent

Clarity - The Business People has a team of exceptional and results-driven international partners who love to work with our growing clientele. Our team is knowledgeable about successful business practices and new technologies.  They are adaptable to the fast-changing and increasingly complex business environment. Read below to learn more about our team.


Founder and Chief Problem Solver

After a successful 20 year international career in Luxury Hotel Management Rachel and her family relocated to Pittsburgh, USA in 2018. Clarity - The Business People was established shortly thereafter.  Rachel's most recent position was SVP of Human Resources overseeing the employment life of around 35,000 people.  During her career Rachel has worked in the UK, Middle East and Africa, USA, Turkey and China, she has a depth of cross cultural understanding and loves working with people.  Her expertise and pragmatic approach makes her passionate about working with clients to solve Human Resources problems.

Rachel's clients describe her as "a breath of fresh air" with a vision of how great HR practices can be and the knowledge to support you to execute that vision.


Our Approach

We work with you in the short, medium or long term to support you in navigating people related issues.  
We believe in getting to the heart of the matter to resolve issues and recommend or execute solutions that are built to last.

Our solutions include, but are not limited to those listed below.  Trust us not to recommend solutions that are convoluted or unnecessary.  


Lay a solid foundation

If you are just starting out, opening a new branch or outlet, or growing your business you may need some HR support. We will help you establish your team, and put the basic processes in place to ensure that you have a solid foundation on which to grow.


Review current HR practices

Would you like to review your current people processes?  Perhaps you have just taken over a business, or had a change in staffing?  We will ensure you have the right processes to comply with local regulations and laws and grow your business.


Start with the end in mind

With years of experience we have the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At Clarity - The Business People, we combine our insights and skills to transform your people processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business.


What is "the way we do things around here"?

With years of experience, we will examine your company mission, vision, values, and culture and provide an assessment of where you are today.  Wish your company was more innovative, collaborative, or known for its great service?  Need to ensure your culture is Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive?  Let's discuss what is happening every day in the business that prevents you from being the company you want to be and we will help you get to the next level.


Attract the Right Talent

Receiving lots of applications, but not sure what to do with them?  Attracting talent that doesn't fit with your organization?  Or do you have a lack of applications to fill your most important roles?
Let us help you by proving an overview of your current HR Branding and Positioning analysis and recommend how to move you to where you want to be - a talent magnet!


Confidently navigate organizational changes

Looking to rapidly grow your business but not sure where to turn for advice how to navigate the people issues? Need help planning a growth or reduction in headcount? Taking bold chances and making insightful decisions can be intimidating, let us work with you through the process.


Increase Retention and Reduce Turnover

You have measured your employee engagement, now what?  We can work with you and your teams with practical solutions to improve your employee engagement scores to positively impact your bottom line.


Expert Guidance

A CAP study found that the average costs to replace an employee are 16% of annual salary for high-turnover, low-paying jobs (earning under $30,000 a year). For example, the cost to replace a $10/hour employee would be $3,328.  These costs only increase with higher pay brackets.

Although some turnover can be positive, businesses often neglect the cost.  Compound this with the drain on talent, and this is an issue which can have real impact on the business.  We will work with you on your current turnover, provide analysis of the data,  work with you to reduce that cost in practical and cost effective ways and retain your top talent.


Understand your "Why?"

A company achieves results through its people and the discretionary effort each individual brings to their role.  Sometimes teams need extra support to work together effectively.  


We can work with individuals or teams to ensure everyone is working collaboratively towards the same goals.


Contact us and find how we can help you.

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