• Rachel Moosa

New Year, New You?

We often start a New Year with the best of intentions, big dreams and exciting goals (me too).

What if though, we decided not to make drastic changes, not to set big audacious goals? What if, instead of focusing on the large, we looked at the small? Huge changes are the result of small actions taken consistently. I have learned, much to my annoyance, that following a "diet" for a month (ok, a week) does not result in lasting change and if we want to make a difference we must make the same good choices consistently, over weeks, months and years.

This year, I am sweating the small stuff. I already made improvements in my way of eating, and I am adding a weekly yoga and exercise practice. When those good habits take root, I shall address the next thing.

Do you want to make some changes in your business? Shall we look at the small stuff together? Do you know if your business follows state / federal / country compliance when it comes to immigration and work authorisation? Are you unsure if your application process is atttracting the type of candidates you are looking for? Let's clarify your requirements together!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I hope that you have the clarity you require in your in your life today.

Best wishes



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